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In 1997, a group of African American employees met for the first time collectively to address employment issues affecting African Americans in the Dallas County Sherriff’s Department. These issues ranged from employment and promotional opportunities to benefits and discipline. In 1998, after being encouraged to organized and welcomed bt the Texas Peace Officers Association Dallas (TPOA) and TPOA Dallas’ President, Thomas Glover, we officially became a part of the Texas Peace Officers Association- Dallas (TPOA). Our twelve founding members comprised what was known as TPOA Dallas County Committee. The charter members are Charles Bailey, Bernard Berry, Norma Burns, Sheila Carter-Jones, Pattie Dotsy, Odis Favors, Willie Green, Derce Kirby, Martha Rand, Anthony Rounds, Darryl Sellars, Mark Tolliver, Wilson Womack, and Isaiah Young.

The Dallas County Committee served and worked in conjunction with TPOA-Dallas and the National Black Police Association to address the many concerns of the Sherriff’s Department employees and the African American Community. Over the years the Sherriff’s Department membership grew from 14 to over 250, while incorporating membership from Dallas County Constable Offices and Law Enforcement practitioners from various agencies within Dallas County. Today we are 529 Members strong.

After realizing such a tremendous growth in membership and an increase in demand for representation, Dallas County members felt it necessary to establish a separate organization that focused on Dallas County Members and employment issues that were unique to its membership. As a result on March 1, 2004, the Dallas County Peace Officers Association (DCPOA) was established. Upon organizing, minority employees realized achievements and blazed trails that have never been traveled by African Americans in the Sherriff’s Department 150 year history. Never before had we secured Supervisory positions in the Criminal Intelligence Division, Civil (Writ Execution) and Court Services (Bailiff Division).  Dallas County members were influenced and caused the Department to abandon the “Good Old Boy” Promotional Process and adopt a more equitable process that utilized Oral Interview Boars composed of Cultural Diverse Law Enforcement Personal from various agencies throughout the country such as Philadelphia, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Prior to our existence, members had no recourse or anyone to support or advocate fairness and consistency in discipline on their behalf. With the help of our attorneys and organizational leadership, we have successfully argued unfair punishment and policies that adversely affected us. We’ve opened communication with the Sheriff’s Department Administrative Staff, US Department of Justice, the Employment Opportunity Commission and other Officials both locally and state wide.

Through our community outreach efforts, we strive to serve as a voice in the community and promote quality law Enforcement service and living conditions for Dallas County citizens. We do so by participating in or producing events and projects such as the Scholarship and Community Awards recognition, Family Fun Day, Back to School Rally, Thanksgiving Give-away, Christmas Toy and Clothes Drive. It is through our mentoring program and scholarship fund raising programs that we have set out to intervene and positively impact the life and future of Dallas County Youth.

Dallas County Peace Officers Association is a 501 C 3 organization purposed with educating, promoting, developing, and cultivating professional opportunities for minority Peace Officers and Civilians seeking careers in the Criminal Justice System. DCPOA will provide educational and charitable community services to the general public. Our mission is: ‘To promote positive policing in the community through education and interaction, of those we serve and protect.