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Our Purpose


The purpose for which the Dallas County Peace Officers Association – Dallas County is organized
will be to Educate, Promote, Develop and Cultivate professional opportunities for minority
Peace Officers and Civilians seeking careers in the Criminal Justice system. DCPOA – Dallas
County will provide educational and charitable community services to the general community.


  • To define and promote optimum quality Law Enforcement services for minority citizens in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
  • To encourage existing Law Enforcement agencies and Criminal Justice institutions in providing quality police service and to assist in determining the impact of these services and how they reflect the needs of the community.
  • To promote the recruitment, retention and graduation of minority Peace Officers, from various educational institutions.
  • To develop the unification of minority Peace Officers for the Purpose of ensuring equality in situations of employment (i.e. selection, hiring, assignments, tenure, promotions and job satisfaction in general).
  • To improve the quality and effectiveness of existing resources and programs designed to proportionately increase the representation of minority Peace Officers and Criminal Justice practitioners in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.
  • To develop innovative programs with the intent of decreasing the incidence of crime in the general community and more specifically in the community.
  • To manifest our purpose and intentions through the development and sponsoring of educational and training conferences, symposiums, institutes, seminars, scholarships, grants and community awards programs.
  • To Develop and maintain mutually sustaining relationships with other Law Enforcement Chapters and philosophically compatible organizations.